What We Do
We are a team of business lawyers and professional consutants possessing  expertice in differents  countries, and in  such sectors as finance, international trade, legal and tax matters, international investments, public tenders and others.
We can provide you with a complete range of  services on all aspects of your international business as described here.
Our list of services is part of what we offer normally. But  we can, thanks to our experience and expertise,  tailor our services to meet your business needs. We have a very large network of consultants present in different continents that are ready to provide assistance to your international business. We will answer all your questions.
Quality, service, flexibility, and always providing the right solution to your requests are  our priority. We are a team with strong professional backgrounds that understands the local environment and regulations in the countries you may seek to do business with. This expertise is what allows us to listen to you and respond to your needs. Do not hesitate to contact us, we will find a solution to your questions.
We operate mainly in United States, Europe  Africa (Maghreb, Tunisia, Egypyt), West Africa, Middle East, India, South East Asia (Vietnam and Cambodgia) and Australia.
We can assist you with:
  • Export and trading,  through our partners we can offer you a range of commodities and products and assist you on export financing,  international contacts, commercial partners, legal assitance, and other services such as customs duties, import/export licences, (see our EXPORT AND TRADING Section);
  • Legal assitance in all aspects of issues that may impact your international business, from setting up a company, drafting commercial contracts, and litigation, (see our LEGAL SERVICES Section);
  • Financial assistance from opening a bank account, finding a line of credit, loans, equity,financial instruments  as bank guarantee, letter of credit, MTN,...,monetisation of  your collaterals instruments or drafting your business plan, (see our FINANCIAL SERVICES Section);
  • Internationalisation of your company by assisting you to develop a  strategic approach to find the right commercial partners, development of new or existing commercial markets, (see our INTENATIONAL INVESTMENT Section);
  • Assistance in obtaining public procurements and tenders in different areas of the world from  national authorities, European Union  funds, and international agencies, (see our PUBLIC Procurement/Tenders Section);
  • Optimise tax impact on your international business with the regard to the tax laws applicable, (see our  INTERNATIONAL TAX PLANING Section).