If we know your interests for a specific sector, and  in a specific country, we are able to determine future bids or tenders as they are generally part of the Plan of Investment by the State or other publlic authorities.


Together we can create a strategy before the notice of the public procurement.


We can support you on the tecnical proposal, check list, data sheet, and more.


Numerous are the international organizations that organize tenders in the European Union and  the world for purchasing services, public works or supplies. Some of these are: The World Bank Group, IBRD (International Bank for Reconstruction & Development), Inter American Development Bank Group, The Asian Development Bank, The African Development Bank based in Abidjan where we are present  and other international institutions.


Many of these tenders are financed by international organizations and require special competence and skill to apply for the bids and we can assist you in finding a local partner.


We can also assist you in finding the financial support.


We can assist you in all public procurements and tenders, providing the right assistance and helping you follow up for your business public tennders in countries such as Africa, East Europe and other countries.

Public Procurement & Tenders