It's composed of seven emirates. The most important Emiarates are Abu Dhabi and Dubai. We can consider UAE and Dubai as a platform for the business in all the area: GCC countries as Saudi Arabia, Oman, Bahrain, Kuwait, Qatar and Iran,Irak, may also be important in expanding your international business opportunities.


Thanks to the oil revenues, the UAE invest a lot on infrasttructure, health care, education and others vital sectors. Its economy is diversified and offers a lot of business opportunities.


With our presence we can assist you in the local environment, as wll as, assisting your company to establish its activities in the different and numerous Free Zone which are tax free.


UAE is organizing EXPO 2020 in Dubai and there are many  opportunities to take advantage of and can be a catalyst for the economy. UAE offers many opportunities in different sector such as jewllery, metal macchinery, food, energy and renewable energy, real estate, hotels, furniture and interior design, engineering products, and others.














This booklet has been prepared by CHANDABHOY & JASSOOBHOY, to provide information for those companies that are considering doing business in India.

The material is presented in a summary form and is intended to serve only as a guide. The assistance of professional advisors is, therefore, recommended in dealing with specific business and legal questions. 


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