International Investments



  • Agricultural investment in land  in East Europe, Romania, Serbia,Bulagaria, Ucraina,

  • Small cap companies,

  • African  opportunities in  sectors such as, agriculture, mines,high tecnology and others,

  • Real estate: investments in residential areas, prestigious hotels in Switzerland, Italy, France and United States and in locations such as Geneva, Lugano, St Moritz and Egadina, South of France, Florida,

  • Food and beverage industry and retail in United States and  Italy,

  • Joint ventures in high technology,

  • Domiciliation and Management of your company.


We can develop your strategy for new commercial markets, identify logistical hubs, where to find te best delocalization, prepare your  feasibility  study, and provide assistance on the investment process.


Reseach and identification  of strategic partners,


.Relations with political institutions and authorities in a foreign country,
  • Lobbying,

  • Search of potential partners and presentation of pre-selection partners,

  • Partnership offers,

  • Due diligence and company assessments,

  • Negotiation of joint ventures



We can assist you with your international investments, thanks to our partners specializing in capitalization in high growth international markets, such  as, business and financial services,healthcare, technology, media and telecom, renewable energy, bio-energy, real estate, and other potential opportunities listed below.