We offer the following financial services:


  • Research of collateral bank instruments such as bank securities in leasing or purchases  from 50 Millions of Euro/US$,CHF (BG,MTN,SBLC,LC..)with Mt799,Mt760, Mt700 directly from financial institutions, without upfront fees , subject to project feasibility, proof of funds or proof of credit line, and other conditions applicable case per case.

  • From tens of millions  with clearing houses duly authorized within the applicable jurisdictions subject also to proof of funds.


We can assist you also in the following financial services:


  • Research of private equity and financial partners,

  • Financial structure of facilitations and contributions,

  • Management of trade financing and factoring,

  • Drafting of business plan for financial institutions,

  • Instrumental leasing and real estate leasing,

  • Credit lines with bank guarantee or collateral from 5 Millions of Euro (subject to conditions such as business plan , proof of funds and  other criteria), with lenders from different jurisdictions, even for new corporation,.

  • Consulting on investments programs conforming to certains conditions as such Private Placement Program or other investmenst programs, insurance financial instruments, or others  subject to the jurisdiction and applicable laws with firms duly authorized and licenced by law,

  • Assitance in opening  bank accounts in different jurisdictions,

  • Start up investment,

  • Research of international funds and national funds.


Other Services


  • Research of  European Union funds  for small and medium entreprises in different sectors as:Tecnology, Research, Human Resources and Training , Outside Activities of European Union, Commercial and also in countries such  as Poland, Romania, Bulgaria, Croazia, ( East Europe),

  • Financial Due Diligence,

  • Country risk and insurance covering costs ( private or public institutions),

  • Financing for export and trade and internationl payments, joint venture,

  • Export insurance.


Business plan for investments abroad


  • Financial Due Diligence,

  • Drafting your business plan in a foreign country,

  • Analysis of investment resources, arrangements and fucntions,

  • Analysis of the business sector, market investments, costs,

  • Investment risk evaluation,

  • Costs and revenues evaluation,

  • Targets and timeframe settings,

  • Strategic preliminary study,

  • Environmental foreign country (legislative,economical,financial, tax an customs).




Tax treatment depends on your individual circumstances, your residency  and may change.

For any financial investment check with your Financial Advisor, Certified Public Accountant or Tax Advisor.

Certain services will be offered  by our partners who are duly authorized and licenced, subject to certain conditions based on the applicable jurisdiciction, and we operate within all applicable laws.


Loans, Credit line, Letter of Credit, Monetization of bank guarantee and financial instruments with financial institutions

Financial Services