We have, with Sintrading Corp., a strong alliance and work also with other commercial agents  and traders.

We have a network of suppliers and exporters in Europe, Asia, South America (Brazil) and Africa.

We can assist you obtaining the highest quality goods at the lowest possible price.


Here are some examples of Commodities and Products that we can assist you with:


  • Sugar ICUM 45/ Raw Sugar ICUMSA 800-1200/ Beet Sugar,

  • Fertlizers: Urea Granular & Prilled/ NPK/ DAP,

  • Fishmeal/ Fish OIL/ Fish Feed/ Canned Fish,

  • Grains Seeds/ Cereals / Spices and Beans,

  • Frozen Fruits Pulps,

  • Minerals,

  • Portland Cement 42.5,

  • Animal Feed,

  • Beef Meat, Frozen chicken,

  • Fuels and Biodiesel Oils, JP 54, D2,

  • Used Tires,

  • Palm oil, coffe beans, cacao,

  • gold  in dust or not,

  • others by request



We can assist you in finding your trading partner(s), as well as, assist you with your international marketing and  sales.

We are your  international trade consultant for United  States, Africa, Russia, Middle East,  East Europe and Southeast Asia countries.


We can support you also in:


  • Finance export to reduce risks from delay or non payment,

  • Trade and international commerce on emerging markets,

  • export finance to facilitate the selling of your product,

  • International bank guarantee and international payments,

  • Joint ventures and commercial partnership,

  • Documentary credits,

  • Documentary collection,

  • Factoring,

  • E commerce solution,

  • Start up and commercial penetration assistance,

  • Insurance coverage for export and trade,

  • Custom regulation and documentation for export, trade and related licences or permits.



Our Firm is  a link between your business and the different markets.

In United States we are specialized, thanks to our numerous partners, in food and beverage, furniture, fashion, building materials and Italian products. We have a strong experience of the USA market. If you are interested in doing business inthe United States, do not hesitate to contact us.


Ours services are designated to help you build a winning solution and launch your products in different countries. We can hel you to develop your new markets in those countries that you choose.


With our qualified partners we operate in international trade and put you in contact with partners that can provide a wide range of different products and commodities in the global market.

Export & Trading