With our presence in Germany, Switzerland and France we are able to provide assistance in all of the relevant areas ofr business as shown in our list of services. 



We have expertice in the area of European Union Laws, and  have strong contacts in Brussels with European Institutions. With our expertice and professional contacts, we are able to provide assistance with information, in areas such as,  European funding, opportunities for new member countries, lobbying, and consultancy in many other business areas.


The founder of Change International spent more then twenty years in Brussels and has significant experience in handling European matters. 



From our Franckfurt office, we are able to assist you with issues related to yourbusiness in Germany, Austria,and Poland.



In Switzerland,we have offices in Geneva and Lugano wer can provide assitance in matters such as financial issues, banking issues, trading  (many companies  involved in trading are located in Genevra), and for the Italian clientele we offer our services from Lugano.



We will  opening an office in London soon,which will enable us to offer a range of services in finance, trading and many other business areas in that part of Europe.



France, Spain and Portugal are countries that we have expertice in, and as such, we can assist you in the following business areas: real estate, accounting, trade, legal services and many olthers. Through our partners and network of professionals, we can respond to all your needs.



EAST Europe and Balcan Countries



We are familiar with and understand all aspects of the business envinronment in these countries, Romania, Bulgaria, Serbia , Macedonia and Ukraine.


These countries have the european funding that allows them to invest in different sectors such as, infrstructure,water treatment, renewable energy and real estate.


We work also with  a group of consultants  that  are present in more then 10 countries of th Eastern Europe.The consultants has more than 20 years of experience inthese countries, and can provide expert knowledge on various business areas to include,employment and labour issues, accounting, setting up company, domicilation, research of potential partners,legal, and tax law and others.






Thanks to our local partner Andrea De Polo and his team including (see Partners) that are present in Bucarest and Timisoara, we can assist you on all issues relating to establishing a business in Romania. We can offer you legal and tax consultancy,financing assitance, including EU funds, accounting and domiciliation,human ressources, real estate, commercial consultancy. Do not hesitate to contact us for any information about Romania.






















Croatia joined the European Union in July 2013 as last member. This country is very close to the Italian, Austrian, and German markets as wll as the former Yugoslavian countries. It's easy to set up a company and have access to European funds (10 billion of Euro are available for the next few years), and it is a country rich with opportunies in  sectors such as agriculture, fishing, manufacturing and of course tourism industries. The taxation is favorable, 20% on corporate income.

Thanks to our local partners in Istria and Zagreb, we can provide you assistance in researching  business opportunities, and help you to obtain EU funds.






Thanks to our partners having their office in Moscow, we can assist you will all the business issues related to doing business in this country.






Doing business in Europe and East Country

Europe & East